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Business for Sale in Los Angeles on BizLocal

Business For Sale

Seeking to Buy a Business?  Browse our Business For Sale Marketplace for great opportunities.  Businesses have been posted by Individuals and Brokers, providing a rich array of opportunity.
To begin your search, enter a keyword of interest in the search box above, or click here to browse everything!

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Business For Sale in Dallas on BizLocal

Sell A Business

Seeking to Sell a Business?  Some businesses could take a while to sell.  Why is that?  Is there a Secret to Selling a Business Fast?  Here are some "Insider Secrets" about Selling a Business:
  • First, most people don't enter into business quickly.  It takes time.  That said, you don't generally exit a business quickly, as potential buyers have to be found, vetted and sold on your business.  Meanwhile, the potential buyers seek to vet your businesses potential and will often do their own research, ask a lot of questions, or higher a Broker/Consultant.
  • Often times, sellers do not have a clear idea of how to value the business.  In fact, some estimate that 80% of sellers do not have an idea of how to value their business.
  • Sellers determine to sell for many reasons.  Often times, they have not prepared financial details or documentation that would enable a potential buyer to vet their business for sale.
  • Anonymous Business Selling.  Owners of ongoing businesses fear their employees or customers learning about the business for sale.  There is good merit for this concern.  That is why posting a Business For Sale listing should include a feature/option to use alternative contact information, generic title and descriptors, actual address and city as optional fields, etc.  You can still have a powerful advertising of a business for sale, while hiding it's city, business name and attributes that employees or customers may recognize.
  • Reaching the Masses!  No matter what you are selling, reaching potential buyers will require exposing your for sale listing to as many people as possible.  That is why it is a very good thing to list your Business For sale on several Business For Sale online listing sites.

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Business For Sale in Miami on BizLocal

Broker Business For Sale Listings

Brokers have different needs in listing Businesses for Sale.  Many Brokers have sub-brokers/reps/agents who may need to be represented as contact person on specific listings.  Brokers often work with many listings, so methods to Bulk Update businesses for sale, import, export and more are needed.  Some Brokers are Master Brokers.  They may be a Franchisor with many Brokerages as Franchisees, managing listings in an even more complex manor.
The benefit of using a Broker, is the ability to leverage experience and contacts, to reach potential buyers and provide reliable data during the vetting process. Return to Top

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